the Workshop

Although we ask you to submit an application, you will not be screened on merit. We strongly believe that a workshop that purports to help students put together applications should not accept only those students who are already good at putting together applications. Nevertheless, there may be practical constraints that prevent us from accommodating everyone who is interested.

The workshop aims to disseminate information that is only useful to those seriously considering philosophy graduate school. The workshop is not designed to help students strengthen their applications or develop philosophical skills. For this reason, we seek only students who are in a position to utilize the information we provide.

If you are a first generation college student…

We define “first generation college students” as those who have not recently lived with parents who have earned 4-year, full-time, Bachelor’s degrees soon after high school. This includes people:

  • whose parents possess only high school degrees or lower;
  • whose parents earned Bachelor’s degrees much later in life or as part-time students;
  • whose parents possess associate or professional degrees;
  • who have not lived with their Bachelor-earning parents since the end of middle school.

If this describes you, your application will be automatically accepted. The only thing we require of you is to be able to attend the entirety of the workshop.

If you are not a first generation college student…

If we do not have enough space to accommodate all interested students, we will put you all into a draw and randomly choose. While this method may appear unprincipled, many real-life resources are in fact allocated in similar ways, just not explicitly so. We think that this unprincipled method is perhaps more fair than most practical methods. We will try to put as much information online as we can.

Due to funding restrictions, it is likely that we will have to prioritize students currently enrolled at UC-Irvine. We apologize for this restriction. We plan to pursue more diverse funding opportunities in the future to enable more inclusive iterations of this workshop.

To apply – what to expect

Although your application will not be screened, we do want to get to know you a little bit more. As such, the application contains a number of questions we are curious about. While you should feel free to write as much or as little as you’d like, many of these questions are important when you think through your decision to apply (or not apply) to graduate school, as well as in deciding where to apply and in drafting your personal statement.

If you’d like to have a sense of what the workshop looks like, click here.

*we accept all of current university students, MA students, and working professionals, as long as you are eligible to apply to grad school in the next two years.

[Application for 2021 is still under preparation]