This website is a place for the collection and dissemination of information related to philosophy graduate school applications and the application workshop Wonder Philosophy.

The workshop aims to provide information and guidance related to philosophy graduate school applications to students from disadvantaged background who may have difficulty acquiring this information otherwise. The goal is to state norms and expectations associated with graduate school applications, which are assumed to be obvious but are never actually discussed, explicitly to students whose lack of information or “connection” may otherwise put them at a disadvantage when applying to graduate school. In particular, we aim to address the following themes: deciding where to apply, putting together an application package, assessing programs and potential advisors during campus visits, job prospects of philosophy PhDs.

The workshop is started by graduate students from the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science (LPS) and the Department of Philosophy at the University of California, Irvine.

This website is currently still a work-in-progress, as various pages are still empty. We are full-time students who are not paid or (officially) valued to conduct research to fill these pages. Consequently, we appreciate any help in the form of resource pointers, content corrections, or topic suggestions.

If you are someone who has served on admission committee for graduate programs, please help us by filling out this questionnaire.

Come talk to us at our 2-day workshop!

We are looking for students who meet the following criteria to join us for an in-person presentation/discussion of philosophy graduate school applications:

1) you have seriously considered doing philosophy graduate school.

2) you are in a position to apply within the future 2 years (i.e., at most 2 years away from completing a 4-year Bachelor’s degree by fall).

3) you are a first-generation college student, or … not (more on this here).

4) you live in the SoCal region. [Note: this restriction does not apply for the 2020 online iteration of the workshop]

5) you are able to attend the two-day conference in its full entirety (barring emergencies).

You do not have to have made up your mind about applying to grad school.

You do not have to major in philosophy.

More on applications here.