Links to resources

Application related A website that provides information on funding for US and Canadian master’s programs.

The Pluralist Guide to Philosophy: crowd-sourced, survey-based guide on program recommendations in several traditionally underrepresented research areas, as well as some resources on climate.
(Currently includes: Africana Philosophy, American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity, Latin American/Latinx Philosophy, and LGBTQ Philosophy.)

A spreadsheet of various programs, their requirements, and their deadlines that is continuously updated and maintained by Lindsay Whittaker

Graduate school a website where grad students voluntarily report stipends. Much more consistent and up-to-date (probably also more trustworthy) than school official websites.

Philosophy at large

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP): a student led international organization aimed at addressing structural injustices in academic philosophy and removing barriers that impede participation in academic philosophy for members of marginalized groups. Contains lots of resources.

Academic Placement Date and Analysis (APDA): a project that analyzes various aspects of professional philosophy, including job placement data and diversity-related statistics.